Practicing Health and Wealth Streaks


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Week 2: Using the Bible for Guidance

Today’s Easy Task:  Count the day youve completed your health and wealth routine

How to rock this task: 

  • Get an oversized 12 month dry erase wall calendar and a red dry erase marker or regular calendar
  • Put a big red X over each day of the completed money and health routine 
  • Do not break the streaks of red Xs. 

Today's Devotional:

On Day 9, you created health and wealth routines, and today you will turn those routines into habits.

Once you start doing your health and wealth routines daily, not occasionally, you will begin to make it an automatic behavior. When you put a big red X over each day, you complete your health and wealth routine. You are visually illustrating how well you are consistently accomplishing your health and wealth routine. You are teaching yourself how to show up every day,...

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