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Detox The Home

Today’s Task Reading:

Toxins are substances that don’t belong in our home. It’s terrible for our environment and us. Our easy task for today is deciding what three things we can start today to improve our home environment. Below are things we can do to detox our home.

  • Let us avoid air fresheners and use essential oils and diffusers instead
  • Let us purchase BPA free products or products in glass containers
  • Let us test home for lead and asbestos
  • Let us have natural untreated cotton/ wool carpeting, hardwood/ ceramic tile, or organic
  • mats on top of treated carpet especially if we have crawling babies
  • Let us use stainless steel, glass, porcelain-coated, cast iron cookware for cooking
  • Let us use brands such as Better Life, Earth Friendly, Honest, Seventh Generation for soap or make our soap
  • Let us control dust by often vacuuming, sealing cracks, dusting with microfiber material, leaving shoes at the door, and replacing air filters often
  • Let us use brands such as...
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Reduce Electromagnetic Field Level In The Home

Today’s Task Reading:

Reduce the EMF level in the home

Today we will learn ways we can detox the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in our homes. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are everywhere, even though we can’t see them, and they can take a toll on our health if we are exposed to too much of it. Our much-loved devices – mobile phones, computers, tablet, and activity trackers- can cause stress to our cells, because they give off high frequency, non-ionizing, electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The high frequency, non- ionizing, EMR occurs when different voltages are produced from radio waves, Wi-Fi, power lines, and the currents of metal plumbing.

Since we can’t block or deflect EMR, it is a part of our everyday lives. However, there are things we can do to minimize EMF in our home. According to the Truth About Cancer, to clean electricity zone, reduce or eliminate problem appliances such as dimmers, wireless products, printers, scanners, computers,...

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Detox Parasites and Heavy Metals

On day 71, we learned ways we can detox the body. On day 72, we learned ways we can detox the brain and lymphatic system. On day 73, we learned ways we can detox the skin. Today we will learn ways we can detox parasites and heavy metals.

First, let us discuss what parasites are. They are organisms that feed on a host, which lowers the immune system. Parasites in the body can cause digestive problems, irritability, chronic fatigue, acne, rashes, sleep problems, anemia, muscle cramps, allergies, and headaches. Parasites and worms are typically found in pork. So one way we can detox from parasites is by avoiding unclean meat. God knew that parasites and worms are commonly found in unclean meat, and that is why He instructed us not to eat unclean meat (Leviticus 11:44-47; Leviticus 19:2; Leviticus 20:7-26; Leviticus 21:8). It is His will for us to eat clean meat even though God gives us a choice to obey or disobey His instructions. It would be in our best interest not to ignore His...

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Detox the Skin

God is a lot like our skin. He protects us and is a shield for us (Psalm 28:7). Every day we should do what we can to care for God and our skin. So we should consider what we eat and how we care for God and the skin.

When it comes to how well we care for God and our skin, what we eat matters. Jeremiah 15:16 illustrates how joy comes from eating the Word of God. God’s Word is good for us because it gives us nourishment (Psalm 119:103). Moreover, we should eat seed-bearing plants and trees with fruit, also known as fruit and vegetables (Genesis 1:29). We should eat clean meat, seafood, birds, and insects (Leviticus 11) because the unclean foods white bread, sugar, and processed foods congest the body.

Just like our heart, lungs, and kidneys, the skin is an organ and is considered the largest organ in the body. The skin covers our bone, muscle, and helps control our body temp. If we feel too hot, we will sweat. If we are cold, our bodies will heat us with goosebumps. The skin...

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Detox the Lymphatic System and Brain

This week we are focusing on cleansing, and today we will focus on cleansing our body with a rebounder.

A rebounder allows us to do a rebounding exercise. When we are rebounding, we are helping our bodies drain lymph fluid. That means every time we jump; we are helping our bodies push toxins out of our cells. The rebounder is easy on the joints because it decreases the shock and stress on the joints and muscles by 95%. Twenty minutes of jogging on the rebounder is equivalent to running for 1 hour. Rebounding is not only easy on the joints but also less strenuous on the heart.

The lymphatic system actively supports the immune, digestive, nervous system in the body. It’s essential in preventive health care. The lymphatic system is a web of fragile vessels beneath the skin. It’s a circulatory system that works with our circulating blood system and immune system. The lymphatic system fights infections, viruses, injury, and cancer. The lymphatic system plays a significant...

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Detox the Body

We are now in week 11. Congratulations!

After this week, we only have two more weeks left in Faith and Fit 90 Series 1. Since this week, we are focusing on cleansing. Today we will focus on taking steps to detoxify our body because we need to set aside time to allow the body to get rid of toxins in our blood, lymphatic system, and colon.

When detoxifying, we are cleansing our blood. The blood carries away the waste and brings oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body. This process protects us from disease, infection, and sickness. As a result, we want to do what it takes to keep our blood clean because the blood circulates to our liver, kidney, lungs and back again through the liver repeatedly. We want to keep our lymphatic system clean because it is like a sewer system in our body. It drains away waste from our cells, tissue, and organ. Moreover, we want our colon to stay clean because it is like a trash can and it absorbs most of the water in our body. If the water in our...

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