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Following God's Eating Plan: Review, Reflect and Relax

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Week 10: Following God's Eating Plan

Today’s Easy Task: Review, Reflect and Relax

How to complete this task:

  • We will Review the six FAITH AND FIT 90 tasks, prayers and scriptures for the week
  •  We will Reflect on the changes we have made with Following God's Eating Plan
  •  We will Relax, because tomorrow we start our next series is Week 11: Cleansing

Let's Review & Reflect:

Day 64

Did you avoid being tricked and defile your body?  What was the food and drinks you should avoid because they are offered as a sacrifice to another god? How did avoiding food and drinks offered as sacrificed to another God help you follow God's eating plan?

Day 65

Did you avoid eating unclean foods?  What was the unclean food you avoid eating?  How did you avoiding eating unclean food help you follow God's eating plan?

Day 66

Did you eat clean foods?  What was the clean food you ate this week?  How did eating those clean food help you follow God's eating plan?

Day 67

Did you start the best way to eat?  What was the highly nutritional diet you decided to start?  How did eating highly nutritious foods, and drinks help you follow God's eating plan?

Day 68

Did you figure out your ideal supplements?  What were the supplements you need to operate at your ultimate level?  How did those supplements help you follow God's eating plan?

Day 69

Did you learn how you are designed to eat?  What were the ways you beat overeating?  How did beating overeating help you follow God's eating plan?

Close your eyes and give yourself a tight hug. Hold that tight hug for 60 seconds, and then slowly let your whole body relax from the top of your head down to the bottom of your feet. Breathe deeply and slowly. Once your entire body is relaxed, be still for an additional 60 seconds.

Now is the time to relax. You have completed tasks that helped you not be tricked and defile your body, avoid unclean foods, start eating clean foods, figure out the best way to eat, the ideal supplements, and see how you are designed to eat.

Our next series is Week 11: Cleansing

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Live Healthier and Wealthier God's Way!


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