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Oh No, I missed a day

I really wanted to be consistent, but yesterday was one of those days.  I told myself I needed a break.  Isn't that something?  So I want to change the rules a little bit.  Instead of 90-Day Raw Food Challenge, I will do a 90-Day Health & Wealth Streaks Challenge.  I will record my journey of trying to get 90-day streaks of my health and wealth routine.

I believe that will help me better reach my health and wealth goals.

  • Committing to God's Instructions:  write my health and wealth routine for the day
  • Using the Bible for Guidance:  practice ongoing streaks for my health and wealth routine to build character and consistency
  • Building Faith:  spend time with God so I can come alive, have His power, His desires and His covering as I do my health and wealth routine   
  • Knowing Scriptures:  meditate on scriptures & say declarations that help do my health & wealth routine
  • Working Hard and Working Smart: Multiple streams of income
  • Getting Out of Debt and Keeping Out of Debt: paying off my student loans and paying off my credit card balance at month-end
  • Saving & Investing: Allocating 10% of my income for saving & 10% of income for investing 
  • Giving: Allocating 10% of my income for giving
  • Resting:  Intermitted Fasting (No eating from 6pm to 6am)
  • Following God's Eating Plan: 90% Plant-Based Meals
  • Cleansing: Detox Body & Home on Sabbath
  • De-Stressing:  Self-Care Activity
  • Healing: Wise Counsel

Although I missed a day with posting my blog, I didn't miss a day doing my podcast.  Below are the podcasts for today and yesterday.

As I eat, I post my meals on Instagram.  See pics below, they update daily.  These pics will include my prayers and declaration too.

Today, my only meal was the berry smoothie. It was really good and filling.

Yesterday, I didn't really eat too many raw plant-based foods. (See pics below)

I will start posting my morning, noon and evening prayers as well on Instagram too.  Below is the week 28 of Unite714 prayer.

Today will be a rest day for my walking!  God bless you all!

Live Healthier and Wealthier in your body, spirit and soul!






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