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Day 1: Choose the Best Path

faith and fit 90 Mar 01, 2021

Week 1: Commit to God’s Instruction

Today’s Easy Task: Read “Psalm 119”

How to rock this task:

  • Find The Holy Bible (book)
  • Read Psalms 119
  • Pick your favorite “scripture” from Psalms 119 and share with me and your accountability partners how you will use this “scripture to commit to God’s instruction.

This week we will focus on committing to God’s instructions.

One of the best ways to commit to God’s instruction is to study & meditate on scriptures in The Holy Bible. For today’s task, I want you to read chapter 119 of Psalms from The Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible is filled with guidelines that we should uphold them and Psalm 119 emphasizes the importance of following God’s instruction. Although the entire Bible is awesome, I just want you to focus on Psalm 119 for today.

Since Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the bible, set aside 15-20 minutes to read. Use your lunch break, right before bed, or whatever time works for you to read Psalm 119…today!

Studying the scriptures tells us about God, what He wants for us and how He wants us to live. Meditating on them improves our emotional, mental and physical health. It helps us keep God’s promises which leads to blessing and avoid breaking God’s promises which leads to curse.

God’s gives us the freedom to choose to keep or break His covenant -the old and new testaments. There are habits we can do to keep our end of the covenant and not go back on promises.

  • Stick to the bible
  • Live by the Bible
  • Listen & Obey God

The principles in Psalm 119 will help you commit to God’s instruction and obey God’s covenant which keeps us from evil (sin, sickness, disease).

Scriptures Inspired by Today’s Reading:  Psalm 119

Here is a free lookup form from BibleGateway. You can use it to look up Psalms 119 online.

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible
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After reading Psalm 119, it’s even more important that you reflect on the chapter and how you can and will apply it to your life now.

Pick one of the scriptures in Psalm 119 and share how you will use it to commit to God’s instruction

Share your progress today with me, your accountability partner and social media.

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