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After graduating from college, I was only able to get temp jobs and ended up living on and off credit for over four years.  The stress of having to charge my credit card for food and gas was disheartening and was very stressful.  It led me to filing for bankruptcy and consistently gaining about 2 pounds a week for about a year.  I tried so many diets and applied for so many career job.  After failing so many times, I cried out to the Lord for help and God divinely helped me with my finances and health.  God begin to lead me to resources that helped me pay off $22,000 credit card debt, increase my credit score to 737, lose 100 lbs., train for 5ks, 10ks, and half-marathons, become a home owner, and setup multiple streams of income. I give all credit to God, because He was key to me receive my break through.  I want to help others that are struggling in their finances and health to seek God too.  My Live Healthier and Wealthier Academy & Clubs consists of 1-on-1 coaching, trainings, challenges, and live mentoring session that helps you master habits that lead you to living healthier and wealthier God's way! 

Vernice Maz, MBA
Health and Wealth Advocate

I became a founder member of Live Healthier and Wealthier Academy, because I want to reverse pre-diabetes.  Since I'm really strong in the area of my finances, I just wanted to focus on the living healthier portion of the program.  The 2 niche clubs that was the most useful for me were Following God's Eating Plan Club & De-Stressing Club.  These two clubs helped me solidify the habit of eating highly nutritional foods and exercising before meals.  The weekly encouragement and positive results from the plan recommended by 4everVernice works.  In the past, when I would start a new diet, I would lose a lot of weight the first week and then in the second week the weight would begin to come back.  I glad to say I in my first week I loss 10 pounds, and in my second week I loss 3 pounds!  So by week 6 - my current week in the program- I loss a total of 21 pounds, 2 inches in my bust, 6 inches in my waist, 4 inches in my hips, 3.5 inches in my thighs.  Moreover, I decreased my BMI by 1.7%, my fat by 2% and increase my muscles by 1.9%. I'm excited and recommend 4everVernice's Live Healthier and Wealthier Academy & Clubs.

Dr. Lalita Maz, Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor
Hospice Chaplain

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